Things He Does Right

Slice avocado both ways
While in its skin, then
Push pieces out.

Match green with
Pink and gold.
Recycle. Fear.

Cut tomatoes with serrated knife.
Keep avocado pit
In one half to keep it fresh.

Do use fun questions
For icebreakers.

Don't put hot cast-iron
Pan in cold water.

Do emphasize benefit
Over loss.

Wash new clothes before
Wearing them. Vinegar
Helps avoid mildew.

Always put toilet seat down.
Always put toiletries
Away before guests come.

Wash on cold to save planet.
Leave washer door ajar.
Hang things up to dry.

Throw pillows and rugs
Can enliven room.

Table runner can make
Dining table less lonely.

Have lots of artwork?
Make gallery wall.

Always tip glass pouring beer.
Always tip at least fifteen percent.
Never be curt with waitstaff.

Always brake gently. Never speed.
Nanaimo is to the left,
Duncan to the right.

Let poem simmer
Under strain, like stew
In pressure pot.