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The following is a timeline of my poetic career and encounters with other writers.
I write "I am", my first poem in English, for Ms. Barthel's ninth-grade English class.
I write « Trois poèmes », my first translations from English to French for M. Barois’s eleventh-grade IB French HL class.
I read for the first time, at the Sir Winston Churchill Secondary twelfth-grade International Baccalaureate Retreat.
I write "Cliché Manifesto v.1.0", my first artistic declaration.
I receive a reply to my letter to Michael Turner.
I meet Turner at a talk at Langara College. His bearing and storytelling electrify me.
Joey from Yorkshire contacts me about performing "people waiting at the bus/stop". He incorporates the poem into his theatrical piece and performs it on stage at York St John University on May 19, 2005.
I attend Sex with Michael Turner at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Turner reads excerpts from romance novels and shares chocolates.
I self-publish my first poem collection Granville, inspired by Turner's Kingsway.
I write the first poem in a cycle inspired by Christian Bök's Eunoia.
I read for the second time, at an open mic event at Behind the Scenes, a café on Broadway Street in Vancouver. Turner comes out to support me.
My selection of poems for my third, least-successful reading at the same open mic event teaches me the importance of audience appeal.
I listen to Douglas Coupland and Chuck Palahniuk read at the Frederic Wood Theatre at UBC. Coupland bores the audience with excerpts from JPod. Palahniuk throws stink bombs and plastic excrement into the audience while reading "Mister Elegant", a story about an epileptic male stripper.
Two of my poems, "buffer overflow" and "Chinaski meets Cappelbaum" (the latter inspired by the doppelgängers of Stanley Cooperman and Charles Bukowski) are published in the first and last issue of Uprooted.
I lose Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere to Ron Silliman (95:2) and write an angry, bitter poem about it.
I record and self-publish the audiopoem Go Fish, inspired by Jackson Mac Low, William S. Burroughs, Nicanor Parra, and Hugo Ball.
I write «за соседним столиком», my first (surviving) poem in Russian.
I write "at the next table", my first (surviving) translation from English to Russian.
I write 「多分詩」, my first poem in Japanese.
I write «Сонет 130», my first poetic translation from English to Russian.
I hold Silo 28, my fourth, hour-long poetry reading at Derek Choy's house in Vancouver. I read twenty-eight poems, featuring the eponymous long poem inspired by Charles Olson's The Maximus Poems. Turner comes out to support me, despite a bout with the flu.
I write "a pretty girl", my first poetic translation from Japanese to English.
I move to Waterloo to begin my M.A. program in literary studies.
I meet George Eliot Clarke at a reading at UWaterloo. He assures me that there is nothing wrong with confessional poetry.
I meet Bök at a reading at St. Jerome's University. His passion and energy convince me to continue working on my poem cycle.
I hold Cathedral, my fifth poetry reading, at my house in Waterloo. I read twenty-nine poems, featuring the eponymous sequel to "Silo 28."
I hold a telephone interview about Poetry in Voice with Scott Griffin, founder of the Griffin Poetry Prize.
I move to Calgary to begin my Ph.D. program in translation studies.
I meet Jeramy Dodds at the Hello/Goodbye event at the Arrata Opera House, and fall in love with his "Canada."
Bök breaks my heart during and following his presentation on The Xenotext.
Dodds agrees to help me work on my poem cycle.
I listen to Dodds read at a magical WordFest event at The Club of The Banff Centre.
I co-create "Wasteland-o-Matic" with Martin Schauss and Gregory Khmelnitsky using PHP and MySQL. It serves as a basis for Schauss's "Evil Flowers."
I hold Cathedral II, my sixth poetry reading, in Calgary. I read thirty poems, featuring a slightly-revised version of the eponymous long poem. Dodds comes out to support me.
I read "the defenestration of poesy" for Jess Nicol's Possible Side Effects May Include...: 12 Steps to Better Graduate-Level Fiction video.
I read for the seventh time for the 2012 Free Exchange Conference Creative Night at Pages Books on Kensington: "there are languages...", "Sitting in Class with a Professor Who Had Us Read Martin Heidegger", "the poet rears his ugly head", and "four minutes thirty-three seconds of noise".
"roughing it in the bush, 2848" is displayed at the Taylor Family Digital Library during Poetry Month.
Dodds breaks my heart.
Bök breaks my balls for the last time.
I co-write "In connection with Hitler—a contemplation", my first poetic translation from Polish to English, with Błażej Krukowski.
I hold «слог и слово», my eighth poetry reading, at my house in Calgary. Rod Moody-Corbett writes the introduction to the program. I read thirty-one poems.
I read for the ninth time for August Flywheel at Pages: "piss stains on tan pants...", "And could you?", "reform school for repeat offenders or noise in the head", "Yesterday I found out that...", and "three oh two a.m. air".
I write «Девушка с очками», my first poetic translation from Hebrew to Russian.
I give Chuck Palahniuk a letter at a WordFest event at the John Dutton Theatre. He asks me whether the envelope contains anthrax; I assure him that it does not. I listen to Palahniuk read "Guts" and "Zombie". Palahniuk gets everyone to blow up large, luminescent beach balls, write questions on them, and throw them around. At various points during the reading, he throws lots of candy and stuffed "pussy" into the audience.
I write 「杯の泡」, my first poetic translation from English to Japanese.
I hold Mutatis Mutandis, my tenth poetry reading, at my house in Calgary. I read thirty-two poems.
I meet Lawrence Venuti at an event at the University of Calgary. He gives my dissertation a new direction.
I read for the eleventh time for June Flywheel at Pages: "Palæmon", "dangerous times", Cappelbaum Judenstern, the portage to san cristóbal of m. k., confession of the neighbourhood arsonist, and Saturday.
I hold found in translation, my twelfth poetry reading, at Rod Moody-Corbett's house in Calgary. Jess Nicol writes the introduction to the program. I read thirty-three poems.
I read for the thirteenth time for the 2015 Free Exchange Conference Creative Night at Loft 112: «за соседним столиком», "at the next table", 「きれいな女の子」, "a pretty girl", 「変わりない」, "nothing special", «вечер в фукуоке», "an evening in fukuoka", "Der Tanz des Nashorns", "every narrator is unreliable (unfinished)", «сик транзит», "sick transit", "Блевать или плакать", and "To Cry or to Vomit".
I write "Transsiberian Ozymandias", my first translation from German to English.
I successfully defend my dissertation, Sex, Lies, and Red Tape: Ideological and Political Barriers in Soviet Translation of Cold War American Satire, 1964-1988, earning the title of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).
I read for the fourteenth time for August Flywheel, at Pages: "i," "About What You Can Write", "A Hare Can Be Anywhere", "Transsiberian Ozymandias", "said the learnèd philosopher", and "Thou and You".
I hold twenty, my fifteenth poetry reading, at my house in Vancouver. I read twenty-three poems.
I write "The Poet Steve Olive" in response to an assault on my poetic sensibilities by Stephen Oliver.
I hold nothing to write home about, my sixteenth poetry reading, at my house in Vancouver. Choy writes the introduction to the program. I read thirty-six poems.
I hold Bring-a-Poem I at my house in Vancouver. Five friends attend and share their favourite poetic works.
I hold Bring-a-Poem II at my house in Vancouver. Three friends attend and share their favourite poetic works.
One of my poetic translations, "Primary Catalogue of the Order of Delectation", and two of my poems, "Cappelbaum Gets a Divorce" and "style fully wonderful", are published in the Spring 2018 (Volume 19) issue of The Liar.
I read for the seventeenth time for The Liar launch and the wUrdz full mOOn lit open mic event at Kings Cafe on Kingsway Street in Vancouver: "a list of people I have killed", "The Great Depression of 2073", "radiator", "Cappelbaum Gets a Divorce," "style fully wonderful," and "Primary Catalogue of the Order of Delectation."
I hold Emergency, my eighteenth poetry reading, at my house in Vancouver, immediately prior to moving to Nanaimo. There is no program and no introduction. I read thirty-one poems, six short of the original plan.
I read for the nineteenth time, at the WordStorm Metaphorically Speaking open mic event at White Rabbit, a café in the Old City Quarter in Nanaimo: "ceremony", "after frost", "inconvenience store", "found poem IX or Pentametric", and "openings"