Found Poem XIV or roughing it in the bush, 2848

With apologies to Roughing It in the Bush by Susanna Moodie. This poem was displayed at the Taylor Family Digital Library at the University of Calgary from April 24, 2012, during Poetry Month.

as the sun rose circumstances surpassing grandeur
the previous day concealed background to clouds
denser shadow loomed out rugged and awful

my mind blinded with tears the right and to the left
never mighty whole producing the rocky
point telegraph cholera patients groups

then the broad fro and tonnage mast-head the south side
low fertile shores spires rays buildings purple
and I "Don't distance I shore time. seemed It was four o'clock

an intensely scarcely bore it spectacle of
bushes many hundred and former children
greatly resembled or spreading the men

and boys scanty garments bedding in tubs left half full
pails were running terms hearers and all extra
ordinary gestures we feelings harpies

anxious remain and out tormenting to tell us
our way the landing cargo of giant
proportions below defects of them bounded "Whurrah! from

"No one Brian morose Lancashire years ago
days had lots just road his business He was
money left off booze passionate man as savage one battle

sulky week or wife cry like woods pantry pranks The
doctor crittur him! months thought and left off
dogs carries a wonder need Layton had the account

hapless was "These all beautiful the birds that
live pleasure gratified to consider
alone knowing slumbering asking