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sick transit

October 8, 2014

This is my translation of «сик транзит».

To Olga Sviatchenko

anywhere i arrive—noise in ears
scar's smoothness in hand

vision fades fast
smoke from ostankino brings
ye olde temple's remnants over the land

could you spare some change
or note in desperation deranged
the golden age has run out

there in front of me rise
stamps and monograms
pressing heavy on lids of eyes

wings of griffins shout
absolutely top secret
and everything's known

and pea pea  pea pea pea
repeating is time
in a slow imperceptible drone

take care not to kill your god
don't change shortcuts
on your cluttered desk's top

saturday ring me up
and never dare
name your fears aloud  (full stop

sing along with the band
always pay your dues
and march forward brave and solemn

i pam'iataï zavzhdy
bile zalyshaiet'sia
bilym a chorne chornym