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part-time wife, part II

December 31, 2020

Inspired by Edgar Lam and
Błażej Krukowski

it took nine hundred sixty eight full days
for me to understand what I had written

poor maximus has had to learn the simplest
last  well by that measure bitten truly am

the king of the ret├árds  oh but the ei it must
excuse the mind as it is dry and astigmatic

beset and buried in the attic  collected
picked and plucked  cogito ergo fucked

   hugs are biodegradable

while her ei is risible
   negotiable  culpable
      excusable and divisible
          diffusible  really quite unusable

the alps they reign over this cursed metropolis
and still i'd rather live and die in burnaby

than hear another soulful paltry homily
about the ways in which she managed carnally

a respite from our well festooned necropolis
a liberation from forbidden openness

another fine wrought golden brokenness
another masculine anomaly

and so i am obliged to total disaccord
with her perplexity when it transfigures

   there's nothing wrong with repetition
   there's nothing wrong with repetition
   there's nothing wrong with repetition
   there's nothing wrong with repetition
   there's nothing wrong with repetition
   or the familiar

time and tide wait for nomen  lapin or lupine
no matter  her glower will flower

so i j'adoube the obverse of her smile
the faded albumen of her long suff'ring yen

what will those egg spurts say to her
as she performs exegesis on my bones

what will they find upon the sullied blotter
when mating does occur deep underwater

i fear she'll never apprehend that ain't
a grasping iewish brute with face of jute

though i oft see a rending tenderness
within  the fervour of her timid horror

lies gentle flatness  were it not for teeth
of gold  i could forgive the money

i could forgive the madness  but alas
we all must modernize our models of reality

and let the gesso dry  what's left  you take
your broken oars and you walk shoreward

palms shining forward  you sip your
latte and you count your trophies
                                                  (sigh  namaste yogis