Departurition or The Sundering

Huh? Jellyroll orgy gala.
Oh, lallygag Jell-O, hurry!
Leggy hourly rajah loll
Her algal jolly roughly.
Rough halal, glory jelly,
Holly golly jaguar hell!

Close joint chequing account.
Return both debit cards.
Cancel her credit card.
Cancel other credit card.
Cancel third credit card.
Cancel her Costco account.

Gargoyle haggler? Legal hurrah!
Roughly, jolly hurrah!
Regularly, allegory regally,
Rah ghoul (largely rah-rah),
Gagger royally and gargle orally.
Regular hag: grayer, loyaller.

Remove her from Amazon.
Remove her from Google.
Remove her from Netflix.
Remove her from Spotify
Remove her from Telus.
Cancel her number.

Aya! Ajar
Hog garage,
Hell gala,
Jelly raga,
Jugglery rajah,
Leggy holler.

Retain lawyer.
Accept offer.
Settle divorce.
Cut cheque.
Keep house.
Keep car.

Hello, Garg.
Really, Hay?
Gaga relay
Gay largo goal gaol,
Jugular rally alloy,
Royal artillery juggler.

Pay for transport.
Go to border.
Clear customs.
Take delivery.
Load dodger.
Get cheque.

Gaga jell.
Gaga err.
Gaga hell.
Gaga yell.
Gaga lyre.
Gaga rely.

Send affidavit.
Pay notary.
Pay lawyer.
Get desk order.
Get final decree.
Write poem.

Golly! Legally jolly hag.
Jar ghoul has allergy.
Hah! Regular jolly log
Roughly laugh rage hall.
Jolly laugh holes gallery.
Regularly log jolly lag!