To L.G.

By three post meridiem, no more.
Patiently, Herr Doktor explains, "Wir sind nicht Gott."

Air is hot stove; langue remplace doigt.
Golden temple reflected in water is not

Golden temple reflected in water. Secret
Face of bird shows signs of domestic unrest

Small, shy mice bring presents of fear, while these
Sons of britches harbour, dissociate.

You must hide yen, then love to love old flesh
(High cost to learn you are collected ghosts.)

Moon is my ghost. Moon is my guest.

                Imaginary country where I was born
                Had mostly sadness and very little food.
                It had bears, and some humans, but they
                Were all sad and had very little food.
                There were red flags everywhere, literally.

She warns me against reading rough,

Puts my hand on it, lets me feel trueness
Of wall; outside, Mooloner shrieks, "TRRRRRRRRRR!

SANE PERSON LIVES HERE!" I look at light in
Window, house become Saint Sebastian.

I lose my gardening fork in
Dark; my skin clings to smoke.