Found Poem XXIII or Pentametric I

This poem's conceit was suggested to me by, and co-assembled with, S.G.S.

To her coy manstress

Divide the finished hash between the plates
Two mortgages  my parents  and the bitch

My friends can come to call for me at night
It's like his beard is pasted to his face
It's like a toothbrush in a charging cup

I want to taste the knuckles of your toes
I have been drinking large amounts of gin
I have to take a picture of this tree
I think I like this hall a little less

A phallic nose suspended by a crutch
Under the guise of looking at a map
I offered you to put stuff into mine
The penis is protected  do your worst
I'm telling you  stop mocking me right now

I swear  I saw you put it in the bag
We find a place that is not very far
My love  hand me my towel  por favor
Into their nylon prisons they depart
I had a dream about a maze last night
The water truck arrives at eight o'clock

At night I put the serum in my hair
I'm constantly depressed  she says to me
I like technology  but this is not for me
The kitchen's working in the dark for us
I like how quietly this feline moves
I want to take a picture of this church
These fingers  man  I like them very much

A system of beliefs by which you live
It's good to be confirmed in one's beliefs
The more I want to join you in the hills
I swear to god  I'll pull you off this bed
Are you OK with heading over there
Just fifty bucks is what I'll get right now
Look at that coloured glass above the gate
Humility is not a thing they teach

I want to eat your cheeks with butter sauce
I want to feel your tonsils with my tongue
Do you not like it when I touch your ass
How old was he in nineteen eightyone
It's full of characters I did not type
OK      OK      OK      OK      OK
Do not forget the SIM card on the stand
I wish we had that sleep mask that you bought
You know  I used to hate to shit on planes

I've got a week of training in L.A.
We'll have to get more copies of this book
It would be bad for everyone involved
It's printed on the ticket  have a look
We've done a lot of travelling today
My nipples aren't allowed on Instagram
Tell her right now I live to suck your toes
I sense a hesitation in your voice
It must be hard for everyone involved
How did you answer him last night  I ask